Letters to the soul of you…


Letters to the soul of you:

Dearest human~

I’m compelled to share the words below…

If you have some alone minutes to parooze, have a read-through out-loud, hearing the words, as well as comprehending & feeling them.

And as you do this, notice what your mind does in response…

And as you notice that mind at work in response, notice how your body feels in response to all of that…

And as you notice all of THAT, sink deep into your heart, & notice the TRUTH of what you’re reading… ️

Because this is the YOU that I know, feel, & love:

You’re brave, & courageous, looking at your “stuff” in order to become even more courageous & brave, to become more of yourself. And you’re doing this, not only just yourself, although that’s an amazing reason, but you’re doing it for those closest to you as well, to become the best you for all of them. And you know that becoming THAT you for them, is merely a by-product of becoming the best you for you, simply because it’s what you’re being called to.

You’re loving & kind, giving consideration for all those around you & their feelings. You’re thoughtful in that kindness & loving, seeing the human & the Being inside that human before you. You’ll take the leftovers if it means those Beings standing there get what they need, the moment they need it, delivered with loving kindness, a thoughtful heart, & a smile… even when you’re running on empty.

You’re jovial, joyful, & hilarious. And you light up a room simply by walking in with your signature smile, that smile that reads:
I see you, person before me. Here, have a spark of light in your day, because you matter.

You’re tender & feeling, sensitive & empathetic, compassionate & long to do right by those who need a lift up. You’re giving of your time, your energy, your patience, & your most valued resources. You’ll share your last meal & give the shirt off your back to help.

You’re intelligent & street smart, wise with an old-soul-wisdom that comes when moving beyond one’s “stuff” of patterns, fears, & habits, that which inhibits growth & the inevitable evolution of the soul & spirit.

You knows things, just simply know them. Both in that wild-mustang-of-a-mind, that often works overtime, but also in that knowing-place that just simply knows, without question.

And you have much to offer the world, gifts that you’re only beginning to scratch the surface to, life things that bring about joy, understanding, connection, & beauty.

You get people, can read between the lines & behind the words that are being said. Or rather, you FEEL them, tapping into some personal truths, often the kind that most people would prefer to stay hidden amongst the busyness of life, in the status quo.

You can sense the subtleties of that ever-present longing for free-ness, freedom that can only happen when one unburdens their soul with the truth-of-the-matter, that often heavy truth that will most assuredly bring about change in their waking life, or at least in their heart & soul. And they both dread & desire it more than anything, this freedom.

And you will take a stand for the greatness of others, planted firmly & directly before them, asking that they rise to the occasion to meet that truth, seeing beyond & behind their surface & deepest fears…. and you WILL not let them shrink before you in response to the asking.

You love hard & fiercely, knowing that it’s THE most loving thing you can do for another, in the asking that they meet that greatness without excuse or folly.

This, a sneak peak into the amazing that is the YOU I know.

And from here I’ll offer these questions that, almost assuredly, have been given voice from your own heart:

Can you, stand in YOUR greatness, by simply offering yourself the very best of you, simply for you…?

Can you give to yourself the magic & miracles that you so easily give to those around you…?

Can you put down your sword & wave the white flag to the war inside you, regarding you…?

Can you simply love on you, with that kindness, thoughtfulness, & compassion, in the same way you do just-so for others…?

Because standing in front of you now, is the soul most in need of your acknowledgement, yours: the soul of you.

And that soul is patiently waiting with open arms,
Just because…