Living into & embodying the new story…


Living into & embodying the new story~

It feels hard sometimes to change a something about ourselves, doesn’t it?
To change a situation even when it’s asking for a change…
To shift that which feels stale & worn out…
To create a new knowing about who we are & live into it…

Especially when the story that is asking for a change has been in place for so long…like, a lifetime… and that story is directly about body.

Although in truth, all stories about who we are include body, because body is simply the holder, the carrier, the part that we experience all of life through, so it kinda stands to reason that body be in the mix of the change up.

Sometimes the message to change is subtle, running steadily & quietly in the background, the gentle knowing that some change is afoot, and is necessary.
We feel it.
We know it.
There are clues, signs, & symptoms showing the way.
But it feels uncomfortable enough to not make moves on it,
not just yet anyway.

It gets SO uncomfortable we simply can’t ignore the calling any longer.
Or, perhaps something happens, a kind of crises that leaves us with seemingly no choice but to shift.

And yet, even when the decision has been decidedly-so
the declaration declared
A now-is-the-time has arrived
It can still feel hard to make the change-up, to do different.

Because our habits & patterns are SO ingrained in our way of being, and how we do life is SO embedded in body, it makes sense that it would feel so very hard to instill the new story, to live into it when body is still clearly living out the old one.

But this is not fixed or static, because body is like water — fluid, capable of changing form.

That’s the beauty of bringing body, which is & has been holding & carrying EVERYTHING that’s been lived & experienced up to this point, into the conversation as a means of change, or better yet, as THE means to change. Because, again, body is where ALL of life is happening.

And I don’t mean changing the physical appearance of body, like how you look, although that can occur, but for different reasons than you might think…

I mean affecting change in the STRUCTURE of body, how body holds itself & holds you, the Being inside. All parts & pieces affectively ON, working & supporting.

And I mean affecting change in the current state of stability, the foundation upon which body functions from FOR you… in order to establish a trustworthy foundation.
Sensed by you, through body.

Does it make sense that changing & shifting stuff in life could seem harder because the physical part of us, Body, is “stuck” in those old ways of being…?

Altering body alignment, alters the internal environment, making space for new to occur, without bumping up against the old story or the current state of status quo.

Changing body alignment, changing the way body holds & carries you through life, changes the way life experiences affect you, as well as, how those ever-present corresponding & accompanying emotions affect you too.
This is beautifully by design..
Especially for us super sensitive, empathetic types.

Adding stability to that foundation is what allows body to change, which is what allows you to change, and life to change in response.
With ease, I might add.

Because alignment supports the NERVOUS SYSTEM, which by the way, is what essentially dictates & delivers your experience of life, by-way-of body.

Supporting the nervous system allows the new changes to occur…
and with a whole lot less work and, did I mention, way more ease…?

When body is allowed the space to change, you FEEL & see those changes.

Because body is now functioning from a new, aligned, & very supported place.
Out of fight-or-flight
Out of stress
Out of managing & controlling
Out of holding on
Out of what’s been so, for so long

Feeling open & supported
Trusting & trustworthy
Solid & secure, working for you.

As a chiropractor, I “got” this intellectually. Supposedly, this is what chiropractoring is all about: alignment.

But I didn’t really embody this knowing, or “get it” really, until I started demonstrating it to myself, like, testing it out.

And here’s what I found, for me:
~ Feeling held & supported in body, physically, created the feeling of being supported in life
~ Trusting body’s stability & foundation allowed the feeling of trusting myself & my intuition in life…. Because it was sensed through body
~ Feeling aligned in body, generated actions that aligned me with my highest calling, soul & spirit

Hence this post and the work I get to do in helping others create the same.

InBody:Rewrting the story of body & you.
It’s a 10 week experiential journey of you experiencing you & body in a completely different way than you have before.

There’s still time to join should you heed the call toward feeling:
~Strong & confident in body and life
~Trust — overall, but especially in trusting yourself & trusting that body’s got you
~ light, energetic, with freedom of movement
~ Permission & the means to dream, desire, & live into the new story, as written & embodied by you.

Feel free to reach out and send DM —
Link in the comments too..