Dear Body, thank your for all that you do for me…


Dear body~

Thank you,
Thank you for all you that do for me.

For carrying me through life and my day-to-days.

Thank you for waiting ever-so-patiently for me to “get” what you truly are & can be for me: an ally, a guide, a leader; connecting through physical sensations & feedback you always provide.

Thank you for reminding me to connect to & feel through you,
and thank you for showing me how to connect back to myself

Thank you for showing me how much you can add to my life experience, when I include & allow you.

Thank you for reminding me that we connect most strongly through the nervous system, the direct gateway to a true mind-body-spirit connection.

Thank you for your patience, waiting on me, so very graciously, to put all these pieces together in knowing.

Thank you for connecting me back to my inner knowing, my sense of self, my trust in me, and thank you for consistently guiding me back to you.

Thank you bringing my awareness to alignment — as in body, so in life,
And thank you for reminding me of this knowing.

Thank you for reminding me to move past my mind’s ideas of you, the thoughts that keep us seemingly separate, or at odds; the old beliefs about you & me that feel-not-so-good.

I know now & remember that the not-so-good-feelings are clues from you to draw my attention away from mind, back to body, heart, soul, & spirit; back to that which feels good, aligned, and so very right.

Thank you for reminding me that you & I exist together, stronger than the mind’s messages.

And all that needs to be done to bypass that mountain or molehill is to come back to your sensations, back to breath; the easiest way to come back to the gateway of change, the gateway to self, the gateway to whole…

Thank you, body, for the reminding.


InBody, it’s happening!! And there’s still time to join if you’re feeling the call.
It’s a powerful 10 week experiential experiment in relating to yourself through body in a whole new way.
It’s a physical practice…
An embodiment practice…
An opening to change w/ease & grace…
This is InBody.
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