“I’m here to remind you of your inherent greatness…”

Perhaps you’ve simply forgotten, or there’s stuff in the way from your current vantage point that’s blocking you from seeing you so clearly…

So, I’m here to remind you of your inherent greatness.

You did not come here, to this precious life to play out the subtleties & stories of: 
~ low confidence
~ low self esteem
~ badness
~ wrongness
~ shame or blame
~ guilt or obligation
~ not-good-enough

Especially that as related to body.
And consider: everything we experience in life IS connected & related to body…

So just know that if it’s up in your awareness, it has simply come to pass, regardless of the source of origin or age of on-set.

So, let it.
Perhaps even with a gentle nudge forward.

Because you have great things to see, do, be, feel, and experience in this life.

And quite frankly, all that noisy-noise of those old, worn out story is stifling your goodness, dampening your joy, hindering your calling, and sucking the life spark out of your life’s stories, both now, and those still to be had.

OK, maybe not all, maybe not totally…

But does it feel like perhaps there’s MORE of those life stories & experiences to be had?

Like, more FULL, or more fulfilled within those experiences?
Without the heaviness of those old, don’t-feel-good stories hanging about…

Because there’s more for you waiting, and it’s yours for the having, in the here-&-now, and just because.

So let’s get to it…


InBody:Rewriting the story of body & you…
~A 10 week experience
~You & me, and the most supportive community in which to go along on the journey, all headed to the same place, for the same reason:

Creating an amazing, feel-good, trusting relationship with self and body.

Remember, it’s yours for the having.