A loving reminder to not abandon myself. Perhaps you needed the reminder too…



This cart~

In a field of wild flowers…no where near a store, strip mall, or grocery. I wish I could say I snapped this photo, but alas, I cannot.

It was sent to me a couple of days ago from a gent I met at an event in LA almost 3 years ago.

I shared with him in passing, my affinity for abandoned carts that you happen upon randomly, outside of their normal gathering places. I’ve collected many pics, and many people send them to me as well. I delight in every single one.

For me, such sightings are reminders to NOT abandon myself, or get lost & mired in the world’s expectations, or what I think those expectations might be….

A reminder to choose & follow my path, my heart’s inklings of joy, to live with wild abandon…

I love the timing of this pic showing up in my text messages. It came at the perfect time, as usually is the case, right? A dip in my energy, clarity, & confidence had just occurred… along with the knowing that it would pass as soon as I reconnected to my heart & followed her guidance.

Restored. Again.
And this glorious pic was the bow in top.

Stay your path, follow your heart, & live your own wild abandon.