Aligned: If it comes from within the acorn-of-you, it’s meant to be….


Compare not,
for YOU ARE an original…

On the day that you were born, you came into the world with your own blueprint, like that of an acorn, with your soul gifts intact, your youness; that special that exist to serve you, as well as, the whole…

Gifts that were already on-board & those patiently-in-potential, waiting to be developed over the course of your lifetime experiences.

What other peoples are doing with their soul gifts is irrelevant.
And how they’re doing their thing is irrelevant to how you get to do yours.

What IS relevant is the goodness that resides in you, solely, as designed when you were created.

What IS relevant is you
Your uniqueness
Your you-nique-ness

No need to question it
Or how to do it
If it comes from within the acorn-of-you, it’s meant to be…

How could it not?

It was ordained so from the beginning…
otherwise you wouldn’t be here, in this time & space, to contribute to the whole of humanity, in & through the expression of those soul gifts.


Soul gifts, ask to be nurtured, watered, nourished,
taken out for daily walks
They need airtime to flourish,
with space to grow & become.

They need your attention
Your faith
Your belief in them

In an honouring to the Power that created you…
The one that’s beating your heart, breathing you, pulsing life through your nervous system.

They’re relevant, your gifts.
More-than-relevant, actually.
Desperately needed at this time,
why else would you possess them?

To simply take up space or your spare time?
Surely not…

They serve to enliven you,
To feed your body, heart, & mind with passion & purpose.
To bring you joy & feel-good-juju
To ALIGN you with your mission, the greater reason of you, which IS you.

To question it, is to question the point of you, and that of the Intelligence that created you & your genius.

Soul gifts are the directions to your life’s unfolding,
The map, the way, the how-to that we all so desperately long for,and yet disregard the fact we have it already in our make-up, our blueprint, our acorn.

This unsureness, questioning & searching-for,
it leads to self-doubt, insecurity, loss of footing, and self-trust…

Really, you ask?
Really, I say.

It’s the built-in brilliance of how body & brain serve the Being inside.

Soul gifts exist to show you the way,
to bridge the connection between the physical of body & brain,
with mind, & heart, soul & spirit…
The Being inside. Your Being.

So… if you know that your existence matters, serving a purpose, and you know that purpose is already within you, inherent in your gazillion cells, on-board when you made your Earth entrance, waiting in potential to uncover, discover, develop, expand, & exhale into to the world through your life & Being…

Would it EVER be necessary to question or doubt it?
Let alone go in search of…?

To compare your soul gifts to that of another
To belittle or ignore those gifts,
To attempt to fit it into a box of conformity,
To minimize or diminish that which is essential & needed… otherwise, would simply cease to exist…
is smallness.

And to do so ONLY invites struggle & strife,
stress & despair, anxiety & unfulfilled-ness,
while robbing the world of your contribution,
that which makes the wholeness actually whole…

Because there’s simply NO comparison,
that’s a game of apples & oranges.

And you, dear human who is reading this, sitting there with your soul gifts in hand & heart, are worthy & so-much-more-deserving than the likes of comparison.

Just something to consider, should you find yourself comparing as you’re scrolling past all the others…


Doubting your soul gifts? Au contraire…
no, no, no need.

Let’s talk about it, because soul gifts, is my MOST FAVORITE thing to connect with another human about, bringing it front-&-center to mind & life experience.

Seriously, wanna chat about it? reach out, let’s talk…