PSA Regarding A N X I E T Y…..



Quick-like anxiety PSA, as you’re scrolling by~

Sometimes, quite often actually, the random “onset” or occurrence of anxiety & anxiety-type-feelings happens because the body “remembers” it from a past experience.


Because that’s where it “occurred” and is now stored….
in body, not mind.

And body has an “alignment,” — the frame & structures of that hold & carry us– and this body alignment works with gravity… you know, this mystical force here on Earth that keeps us attached to the ground…? It also has a hand in holding our body-form together. Brilliantly by design.

There’s a gravital line that body is designed to be “in” or “have” in order to function at our highest & most optimal

This alignment sends the message through the nervous system (which directly & indirectly dictates & determines our experiences in life, by the way) to the brain that the mind then interprets as:

And when body is out of alignment with the gravital line, for ANY reason, it sends the message through the nervous system to the brain that the mind then interprets as

Body will then respond accordingly to “shore up” this not-safe structure, in whatever way possible.

But that Interpreted state of “not safe,” etc also comes with an accompanying feeling sensation and subsequent emotion or memory.

For many of us, especially “empaths” or “super sensitive types” that are highly affected or influenced by environment or energy, this feeling shows up as “anxiety” and the like.

And because this is simply how brain & body work together to protect “the Being inside,” anyone & everyone experiencing an off-alignment situation will have changes occur eventually. It can’t NOT happen. This is “S T R E S S”.

Re-establishing structural alignment with gravity, naturally & easily restores the feeling sensations of “safe, secure, solid, trustworthy” and often without the “heavy lifting” of processing or re-living the heavy-duty emotions and feeling sensations of anxiety, or the traumatic memory that brought it on.

Again, beautifully by design.

Sometimes, the experience of anxiety is just a “habit” of physiology and one that can be completed.

And it’s simple to do on your own:
just you, body, & gravity.

May I show you how…?

So much more to come, but in the meantime, feel free to reach out to me directly and let’s connect if you would like to know more.