The heart-full place of desires & dreams….



Meditative musings in response to my self-imposed question regarding “waiting”–

There’s an energy, a feeling-state of your desire that your body gets to hold for you, & must, actually, in order for it to actualize.

There’s a “matching” that gets to occur between you, the receiver & holder of, & the desire/dream, the given gift unto you.

Do you feel ready, steady, able, & capable of holding that energy of your ordained gift of desire or dream?
In faith & trust
In knowing & believing
Simply because it is divinely so…?

Or do you worry & concern yourself w/ heavy thoughts of questioning, doubting, & not-trusting?

Because the energy of the gifted desire or dream registers light, high, & heart-full in your system of origin…

And the energy of worry & not-trusting registers heavy, low, & dense, the same as “stress,” in all its various forms & faces.

Should you find yourself in the latter, AWESOME!, there’s awareness to be found there.

Meet it w/ grace & gently move it upwards, back to the heart-full place of desires & dreams, the likes of which were created & destined for you, complete w/ the way for them to occur, built right in.

Because you get to be ready, able & capable to hold that dream, be the steward of, & that is of great honour; to be the receiver of such a gift, no matter the size, shape, or perceived impact of that dream or desire.

It’s not to be questioned, but rather welcomed, w/ open arms, open heart, & body spaciousness to receive it fully, w/ the inherent knowing that it is simply so…

And any such heavy of doubt, questioning, or despair of its timing is simply alerting you to make room & way in your nervous system, the becoming & embodiment of the holder of such greatness & blessings, the point & purpose in-the-making of you…

Do you trust & adore it, this gifted desire or dream,
or do you wait ever-so-impatiently for it to form?

Do you treat it with honour & respect, like that of a cherished guest in your home, or do you offer it disdain, through salty expectations & silent demands of support & prosperity?

Do you give thanks on the daily for your gifts in stride, appreciate your you-ness in-the-making, & the growing evolution that’s happening down to the cellular level, or do you question hastily, & judge from afar, falling into the trappings of comparison…?

Do you water it daily w/ loving appreciation, remembering the role of stewardship to that of such a gift, or do you greet each day as an obstacle-in-waiting, creating distance between you & your desired?

Can you calm your worries, concerns, & fears when they appear, just long enough to remember that what’s for you is ever-in-the-making, but also ready-&-waiting for you, the receiver of, to be ever-so-ready, in the here-&-now?

Do you feel ready, like really ready, for that dream or desire to transpire? Do you feel able & capable to do right by your brilliance?

Or is there internal housekeeping to be done?
Is your body still playing out the patterned ways of yesterdays?

Because there’s “ready”, as in needy & insecure for it to appear, & w/ a quickness…

And then there’s “READY,” solid & secure, in a body form & Being prepared to hold that dream, act on its behalf w/ loving care, while carrying the responsibility of ushering it in w/ greatness, regard, & respect.

After all, it is of benefit to both the blessing & Being in charge of it.

And to that end, you must ensure that there is space & a place in your nervous system to match, hold & carry the full energy of your beloved desire or dream…A feeling sensation that rests in the newness of “rightness,” as it was yours from the very beginning.

To do that, simply align body w/ gravity,
& nervous system w/ heart,
both, a force to be reckoned w/,
& ever-so-powerful, strong & steady in the fulfilling of their respective purposes.

Gravity, holding firm, in loving support, to & with everything in its its grasp, & heart, the energy that can move mountains, heal, & love to infinity & beyond, unconditionally, when invoked.

Because to be the steward of such a gift, the likes of which match your innermost heart-of-hearts, is a gift from life itself, FOR you & your life’s unfolding.

So meet it there, at heart level, with openness & grace, a welcoming grounded in trust to its perfectly-timed arrival, which, as it so happens, occurs precisely when it is so aligned….

As InBody, so in life.


By the way, aligning body with gravity — it’s easy. I can show you how. And once you get it, you got it, and then it’s always available to support you.

And aligning nervous system with heart — it’s also easy, and you already know how to do this. And again, once you get it, you got it, and it is ALWAYS available to fulfill you.