The present of presence & patience….


Once upon a time there was a lady who asked for more patience…

And she received it, promptly.

But it didn’t arrive in a box on her doorstep, packaged w/ loving care, in snazzy wrappings of color & celebration, complete with a bow on top.

Not quite…

She found herself confronted w/
– longer & longer lines
-traffic jams
– W A I T I N G on other people or situations
– temper tantrums
– mistakes
– misunderstandings & communicative breakdown
– timings

It came in the form of opportunities…
As in, opportunities in which patience was called for & needed.

Needed, lest she sink into the struggle of stress physiology, frustration, anxiousness & anxiety. A state that most certainly creates an uncomfortable experience for the one experiencing it, and anyone who happen to meet with the wake of her strife & struggle of impatience

Divine sarcasm?

I’ve certainly questioned it myself, sometimes daily.

There’s was nothing personal for her to gain, in the experience of knowing herself, had patience simply been delivered to her doorstep.

But in cultivating & choosing patience in those most trying of times, she embodied it.

She made space in her body & Being for patience to appear.

And all it required was presence…
Awareness of the moment before her, the sensations of, while remembering the intended desire & request for patience to be present. And to choose into it.

And you know what so often accompanies patience?

And a resulting sense of peace, ease, or contentment.

There have been times in my life where stories like these would have been met with an eye roll of annoyance…
And then I tried it on. I’m finding it works like this regardless of what I’m asking for…

The asking-for will be met w/ a chance for me to play differently than I have in the past.

It asks that I:
~ shake up patterns of comfortableness…
~get present to body sensations– the messengers of emotions & feelings, the story of my vantage point or current perspective…
~try on new & different ways of being & responding to the present moment, ways that better match my desired outcome…
~ get clear on how I want to feel overall in life’s experiences…
~ actually get to know myself & cultivate that knowing w/ loving kindness into the person I’m called to be & become…

Because there ain’t nuthin’ loving kindness about the continual state of stress & struggle… in whatever way, for whatever reason.

Patience resides inside, for that is where the experience of it occurs, in & through body, via the nervous system.

Sometimes there’s simply tension patterns & triggers held in body, blocking the way of fully feeling, or rather BEING, patience… Or whatever state that is wanted.

As it turns out, those tension patterns & triggers may have nothing to do with the desired state at present. They’re simply leftovers, residual holdings-on of past experiences long-gone-by, yet still being carried by body, waiting for the opportunity to release in full.

And when that happens, space opens up for the desired state to occur, in body.

And that can happen without actually having to re-live the emotions that were held within those trigger places. It can happen by simply aligning body with gravity. A physical state that exists outside the chemistry of stress & struggle, tension, triggers, and habitual patterns of reaction… like, impatience.

Aligning body w/ gravity allows the space & embodiment for that which is wanted to actually occur…

Because, as InBody, so in life…

Wanna play?