This reminder….


This reminder~ ⁣

💛Are you remembering your awesome, your magic, your purpose, your joy? ⁣

💛Are you remembering your heart, your spirit, your laughters? ⁣

💛Are you remembering your worth, your value, the simple-&-very-matter-of-fact fact that you matter? ⁣

💛Are you remembering your soul gifts, your brilliance, your creatives that bring light into the world? ⁣

💛Are you remembering that your connection to you is your direct line to infinity, to creation that created you, that you are love, you are safe, you are held, carried, & supported, always? ⁣

💛Are you remembering that body serves as the bridge between your Being & your human experience? That body exists to serve you? ⁣

Reminding you, constantly, with every:⁣
~ heart beat⁣
~ breath⁣
~ nerve impulse⁣
~ muscle contraction ⁣
~ bite of food digested⁣
~ minuscule molecule of energy that serves to sustain you⁣

that you are connected to a Source of never-ending-love & support? ⁣

💛Are you remembering that your existence serves the whole of humanity, that your presence is necessary, appreciated, & inclusive of every ounce of your you-ness? ⁣

Are you remembering? ⁣

Yes, I thought so… ⁣
carry on then. ⁣

This day belongs to you… ⁣