What’s more kind…?



The other day on the call for my group InBody, (which should really be called something-something about you & you because it’s more to the point, and body’s just coming along for the ride carrying you , showing you, & guiding you… 😊but I digress.)

We were speaking on the subject of kindness, as in: “given whatever situation before you, what’s the kinder thing to do, be, or have…?”

And it depends, kinda …

Kinder at one point in your life might look different than the kinder for the-you-of-today… 💛

Sometimes what’s more kind can change, given your personal “place” in whatever life/situation you find yourself in…

I gave some of my personal experience examples on the call, but suffice it to say/write:

~Sometimes what was once “more kind” might actually be, in the now, a step backwards or status quo safety… given the who-you-are in the here-&-now.

~Sometimes what’s more kind could also be uncomfortable… while also being in service to your growth, in service to your desires, in service to your body, in service to your mind, in service to your spirit, in service to your sense of self & self trust, and in service to your life. 💛

~Sometimes the kinder-ness is uncomfortable AS HELL… and even still, you know that it’s always in service to the wholeness of you, which you know is always there.

~Sometimes the kinder thing, on the surface, may seem like the quite the opposite, at first… because you know better.

~Sometimes the kinder thing asks for COMPLETE honesty, even if that truth is scary to hear or say… and you know this. 💛

~Sometimes the kinder thing is a questioning of what we “have always known” about ourselves or whatever… because you know life is ever-growing.

~Sometimes the kinder thing is not staying in “the old story” of circumstance… because you are powerful. 

Regardless, the kinder thing will always bring you closer to yourself, your wholeness, your most truthful truths, and presence…

Which is the only place you can actually ever BE kindness.


And there’s kindness to always be found in alignment.

Aligned: As InBody, so in life. 💛
We start in a couple of weeks…