Dr. Angela Smith

I’m Dr. Angela Smith. I go by Angela, or better yet, simply Ange.


And I’m all about you.

I see you
I hear you
I feel you
I get you

Here’s what I know:

You matter.
You have a purpose, by the shear fact that you exist.
And your body has a purpose too, it’s for you to fulfill yours.

Your body is here for you; for the sole {soul} purpose of & for you, and your life experience. And she is responding always to what is being asked of her, the demands that are being placed on her, and what she is fed in both food and thought.

Here’s the Thing:

It took me a really long time to get that. For much of my 46 years, my body experience was more adversarial in nature. My body was something to hide under baggy clothes, something that I felt huge shame around.

And naturally, the solution for that equated to me just needing to lose 15 lbs, constantly. Like, forever on a diet, cleanse, or detox of some sort, always restricting, always trying to make myself smaller.  This practice earned me the title, “Food Nazi.”

Maybe you can relate…?

This started early on, the wrongness of me & my body, the not-good-enough-ness, and continued progressively as I got older.  Sometimes a whisper in the background, sometimes full-on screaming in my face, dependent upon whatever else “heavy” was going on in my life.  But always present, complete with a myriad of insecurities that kept me from being fully  “me”  in my life; a far cry from the experience of living Wild Abandon.

After decades of this, I finally got it:  how very intertwined we humans are — body, mind, & soul —  and as much as we may try to compartmentalize life, eventually it catches up to us and our bodies. 

I’d love to say that the a-ha moment happened in a flash of inspiration. But it didn’t.  It unfolded slowly…

And then this happend: I got the news that a life-long, sister-friend of mine was going to die at the age of 42; the result of her going to extreme measures in order to lose weight, manipulating her body into being smaller, a story she played out the majority of her 42 years, a story that I knew all too well, myself.

She left behind: 2 children, family & friends that loved her, unanswered questions, unspoken words, and unexpressed feelings, which left us all a little bit… smaller. Suddenly all the mental, emotional, & physical energy that I had exerted throughout my life to “manage” my body seemed unnecessary… an unnecessary use of all that energy and precious life time.

And right then, I made the choice to completely change my work:  focusing on supporting women who find themselves in a similar place of body &  weight struggle, offering a different perspective & understanding of the relationship that a woman creates with herself, her body, her life, and her purpose.

 There is so much more to you & your precious life than just your weight, size, or shape. Deep down you know this.

But it’s  easy to forget, deny, or even abandon the other parts of ourselves when we’re in the grip of those all-too-common body & weight  shames & struggles;  when it feels like the very part of you connecting you to life is the enemy, or at least an adversary.  And yet, sometimes its those very parts of us, the forgotten, denied, or abandoned, that provide the answers we need to end the struggle.  Funny how that works.

Get this: You did not come here, to this precious life to struggle with the very part of you,
your amazing body, that connects you to it.

If, in any way, shape, or form, your weight or body struggles are cramping your style, keeping you from full-on living Wild Abandon, then I’m for you.

I help savvy, holistically & spiritually inclined women, just like you, figure out what’s really weighing them down and put an end to it.

If this feels like you, click here now and let’s schedule a conversation and put an end to your struggle, once and for all.

And here’s a bit more about me…

I have…
a passion for compassion
Fierce listening skills
And I aspire to inspire

I love…
adventurous tacos
The first sip of an ice-cold Negra Modelo
Pizza & Cabernet,
And dark chocolate anything.

My last meal on earth would be Grandma Dorothy’s spaghetti & meatballs with garlic bread, followed by her famous chocolate cake with caramel icing.

I dig…
80’s flicks
70’s tunes
Anytime hugs
And my beloved Frye boots {although I would rather be bare foot}

I cry at…
Animal videos
Random acts of kindness
And… OK, many things make me cry happy tears. {read: sensitive & empathetic}

Re-found myself in Yoga
Discovered my life’s purpose from an abandoned grocery cart on the side of the road
Tell it like it is {with compassion & humor, of course}
And am in love with all things LOVE

And again, because I think it bears repeating, I’m all about YOU.
Simply because I think you, your body, your life, & your purpose are oh-so-worth it.


I”m here for you. Click here to schedule a complimentary call today and let’s uncover what’s really weighing you down.