“and i said to my body. softly. ‘i want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath. and replied ‘i have been waiting my whole life for this.”  ~ Nayyairah Waheed

Lady, I get you… because I am you, give or take a few small, differing details.


● Frustrated or struggling; stressed out about your weight, size, & shape
● Wish that your body was more this or less that
● Feel uncomfortable in your skin which makes for an uncomfortable life at times
● Feel that your will-power is wavering, or gone
● Feel this  “heaviness” always on your mind, in your space, keeping you from fully participating in your life
● Feel like crap, sometimes physically, sometimes just about yourself
● Don’t dig what you see in the mirror and/or you don’t recognize the body reflected back to you

You’ve either:

● Been dealing with this weight battle your “whole life,” or
● This is a newer thing, like, you never had to “worry about it” before, until now, or
● You’re finding that what “used to work” for you, diet-wise, no longer does the job

You’re undeniably over it and ready to put an end to this struggle, with a quickness.
And I totally get it.


You’re a savvy sister; smart, intelligent, accomplished, mission-driven, holistically inclined, and swing toward the spiritual. You get that there’s more to this than just diet and exercise but aren’t sure what to do or where to start.

Or maybe you’ve just tried “everything else” to no avail, and you’re ready for a different approach altogether.  Hell, you’d try dancing around with a dead chicken if you thought it would help.

Whatever avenue brought you through my online door, AWESOME! Let’s get down to business, sister. This is where I come in, no dead chicken rituals required.

Let’s start by no longer approaching this weight game with any semblance of sacrifice what-so-ever. None needed. In fact, I suspect that restriction, deprivation, and sacrifice have played a major part in your weight-loss, dieting woes to begin with.


In a nutshell, I have-been-there-done-that, in every way, shape, & form, all-of-the-above, and then some.  And then I moved out of it.

Through my own personal & professional journey, schooling & education, I have found that:

● The body is always listening & communicating
● Hidden blocks, beliefs, & shame keep the struggle  firmly in place
● Stress is always a major player in the weight game

Your body is here for you, for the sole purpose of & for you and your life experience.  And she is responding always to what is being asked of her, the demands that are being placed on her, and what she is fed in both food & thought.
These core concepts have become the foundation of my work.

“Weight loss” wisdom served straight up from your body & your soul.
Grounded in science, infused with spirit, delivered with heart & humor.

You, me, & just a short bit of time to transforming the relationship between body & you.

This program is designed specifically to untangle and reset those foundational patterns and, ultimately, the relationship you have to yourself, to body,  & your life.  It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. You’ve had plenty of experience with that already, I’m sure.

This isn’t about the perfect weight or a perfect body.  It’s about finding the place in you that feels like home; light, connected, comfortable, & engaged with life.  Click here to schedule a complimentary conversation.
Let’s talk about what could be possible for you.

Over the course of our 4 months together, we will support your body’s needs by addressing anything and everything that could be weighing you down – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Here’s what’s in store, a glimpse into the foundational pieces of BodySoul Mojo:

State of the Union — An overview and deep dive into how your body is currently working for you, assessing what body-systems are asking for support. This is the bedrock science part of this program

STRESS: It’s cumulative — We go far-&-wide to de-stress your body, mind, & spirit,  because a “stressed-out” body, physiologically speaking, cannot work efficiently for you, let alone release pounds.

Body Ecology — This is your body’s internal terrain, the ecosystem which includes the chemicals and hormones that make the body work efficiently. Also included here are your body’s needs, both the basics and not-so-basics that often go forgotten, and incorporates your body’s natural rhythms, cycles, timing, & seasons.

Body Wisdom — Your body is equipped with specific-to-you knowledge, already on-board. We talk the how-to of tuning in & attuning to that wisdom. This is a major key to ending the weight & body struggle. No more controlling, managing, or manipulating.

Body Mythology — Your historical “body story” leading up to now. We uncover any body or self identities, blocks, myths, or stories that perpetuate the struggle, and then we craft a new version, specific to the you of now and what’s to come.

Super Powers — Feelings & Emotions; these play a huge part in this process. They light the way, in fact. We establish empowering ways to utilize those super powers for good. No more succumbing to or being overtaken by the emotional roller coaster that comes with the weight loss & body image territory.


My invitation to you~

Are you ready to…?

  • Stop fighting, controlling, managing, or manipulating your body
  • Stop suppressing or oppressing your soul’s inklings
  • Uncover whatever is really weighing you down
  • Tune in, discover, & honor your own version of BodySoul Mojo

Are you more-than-ready to…?

  • Let go of the heaviness that’s been weighing on your body & soul
  • Create a new sense of body trust, awareness,  and appreciation
  • Feel amazing in your body & your spirit
  • Experience crazy-solid confidence,  self & life love
  • Live at heart-level happiness with  joy, peace of mind, and  freedom

Then wait no longer. Reach out now to schedule a call with me. Let’s discover what BodySoul Mojo magic is possible for you! Click here. 

Here’s how it works:

You and I join forces to craft your own version of BodySoul Mojo; supporting all parts of your whole amazing self.

We “meet” once a week, for about an hour on the phone, Skype/Facetime/webcam, for a duration of time that we determine together. If you happen to be in the San Diego area, in-person sessions are possible, especially if we’re out in nature, my favorite.

In between our sessions is where “the magic happens” by you implementing what we’ve covered, uncovered, or discovered in our weekly times together.

What to do next:

Let’s talk!

Click the link below to schedule a chat on my calendar. You’ll be directed to answer a few questions so I get a sense of what’s going on for you and how I can best help.

We meet for about 30 mins, get connected, see if we jibe.

And then if it feels like the right fit, like, “Hell yeah!” right, then we move forward together. You are not alone in this…

Let’s connect and discover what is possible for you. I’m here for you, excitedly awaiting your call. Click here to schedule.